Meeting Room

Meeting Room As It Is On Character Select

Meeting Room Aparers Much Times.

First Time Is On Character Select Screen,With The Theme

Electronica In Meeting Room

Electronica In Meeting Room (Character Select)

Second Time Is On Story Mode,At Chapter 3,Wheres Its Not A Suspicious Man Alone,Its Two Mans

Meeting Room(Pokeu)

Chapter 3,The Meeting Room

The Theme Is

Meeting Room

Theres More One Theme,When You're On Tower Mode,You Need Select Dificulty With Music

Blues At Meeting Room

In Chapter X,Playing As The Brown Hair Man  What Can Be Unlocked When You Play Chapter 3 As The Cute Blue Thingy You Unlock The White Hair Man Who Give The Power To Characters.

Diferent Of ALL CHARACTERS,He Not Use Weapons And Use His Powerful Punch!

Meeting Room Too Make A Secret Apparence When You Defeat The Not-Official Final Boss

The Characters Of Meeting Room Are Out,And It All Destroyed.But Only One Character Is Inside.......


White Hair Man Mecha

White Hair Man Mecha In Metal And Light!
Nobody Cares01:23

Nobody Cares

     AND..................................................                                                       NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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